Thursday, August 6, 2009


Woo! I fail at keeping up to date on my blog. Only one entry since I started this thing in April. I'm terrible at keeping up to date on things. I remember there was only one year where I consistently wrote in a journal and technically I only did that for like, half a year. I wrote a lot though. It was pretty fun. I think for the next week I'll push myself to update every day. Right now I would like to formally apologize to my non-existent readers for my lack of entries.

Henry and I have moved in together in May to a new apartment. It's been really interesting and fun. It's nice to have someone around (although after the first week, I was like "So, when are you leaving?"). Overall, it's been a good experience and I still like the guy.

We were going to get a pet tomorrow, but now we can't afford the massive pet fee and deposit at the apartment. I think $175 fee and $200 deposit for a small cat, is a little ridiculous. I still, really, really, want a pet to lift my spirits. I miss not having a pet around. I almost took my cat from my parents' house, but she'd hate living in my apartment. She would not be able to go outside whenever she wanted and she would miss my dad.

I am still jobless, which sucks. It's very discouraging when you've applied for 20 jobs and don't even get a call back. Lately, I've been trying to get a job at a library, but no call backs yet. I've found another library job at UALR that I'm applying for. I would really like to be a librarian. I already look the part.

I've been knitting lately. Today I finished my first sock. It's the Interlocking Leaves pattern off knitty. My only complaint is that the pattern only has two sizes, small and large. My foot measurements were between the two sizes so I decided to make the large one. It turned out much larger than my foot so now Henry has a new sock. I also make the sock with a patterned yarn so you can't see the leaves too well. At least they're not girly looking. I plan on making a small pair for myself in a burnt yellow color for the fall and maybe make them long, like a just below the knee sock. I love long socks. They keep my legs warm when it's cold out.

My friend Sam curled my hair today and I love it. I want to curl my hair all the time now. Maybe eventually I'll go get a curling iron. Hence, the pictures in this post.
Someday I'm going to actually invest in beauty products. *Gasp* Am I becoming, dare I say girly? The horror! The horror!

*Witty end of line*

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