Friday, August 7, 2009

Sick in bed....

This evening I'm writing this post from the comfort of my bed. My body has decided to become sick. It started earlier this week when I kept getting sinus headaches. Now I've developed a cough along with the sinus issues. I assume the cough is caused by post-nasal drip going down my throat. I feel tired and my eyes are puffy. *cough*cough*

Other than feeling sick, my day has been very uneventful. This morning I did the whole shower and get dressed thing, ate breakfast, and watched the documentary Second Skin on hulu. The film was a good documentary. Sometimes it felt like it lacked structure, but overall it told compelling stories about MMO players. I enjoyed it.

After that, Henry and I reactivated our WoW accounts. Not because of the film, but because we really missed playing together. Since we can't get a pet right now, we're playing WoW again. We tried out the new dungeon (normal and heroic) and ran some heroics with some people we haven't played with in a long time. It was a lot of fun, but I still miss some of the people who are never online anymore and raiding with them. I miss raiding and I don't want to try to find another raiding guild. I liked the one we had, I just wish the people would come back. Henry and I are still in the guild, but no one else is ever online. It makes me sad.

I also just started working on Song's birthday gift. Once I'm finished I'll have to write a post about it. It's really quirky and fun. I'm thinking about scraping what I've done so far, just to get a more outrageous yarn color. I'm not very far along and it wouldn't be any trouble. Maybe I'll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and look for some.

I love knitting. It's fun and makes me feel productive. I keep thinking about opening an etsy store or an artfire store since the later is completely free. I've crocheted some gloves I'd like to sell and I can make other things. Of course, I'll need to work on making more original patterns. I just got a great idea for a knitted mega man hand cannon.

I'm going to go drink my peppermint tea now. Good night.

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