Sunday, August 9, 2009

Battleground Exp Is Amazing

Be forewarned, the following post is mainly about World of Warcraft. It's mainly what I've been up to all day. I haven't been feeling well lately so I slept in until noon. That is, I stayed in bed trying to sleep and waking up every hour from coughing. I still feel a little sickly. I've got the cough and still feel crappy, but whatever.

While listening to the WoW Insider Show podcast, they mentioned how amazing the battleground exp gain added in 3.2. I decided to give it a try and damn it's amazing. I gained well over half a level on my mage and warrior today just doing AV. I also tried an AB and WSG, but they weren't very good and didn't give as much exp as AV. The best thing is that you get exp from capping the towers and killing the two main generals. The exp gains has shifted the AV strategy back to the way it was when I loved the battleground (back in the vanilla WoW days). I played so much AV on my warrior while leveling from 51-60. It was my favorite battleground, but after they made all the changes and added the whole reinforcements thing. Once that was added, it became more of a 'let's just kill a whole bunch of horde players before we lose' sort of thing. Now people actually push to win because they get more exp. I love it!

Sadly WoW awesomeness was the only highlight of my day. The rest of it has been pretty terrible. Besides being sick, I'm having a bad future mother-in-law problems. Henry and I have set two potential wedding dates in May and today he told her that and she got all pissy and doesn't support it because we won't have medical insurance by then. What the hell. Even if one of us had good medical insurance from a job right now, the other wouldn't be covered until we were married. Even then, I think she's just using it as a lame excuse for not saying what she really wants to say and that is that she doesn't want us to get married (or maybe she doesn't want her son to marry me). It just pisses me off because I know it stresses Henry out and upsets him. I don't like him feeling that way and it makes me angry at her. I don't think I could handle her saying what she says to him to me. I'd snap back because I can't just be nice to someone who is being so mean to me. I know this is probably bad to say, but I don't give a damn if she even remotely likes me. I'm not going to put up with this crap.

Anyway, that's enough venting for now. I'm currently watching a special on Animal Planet about people who show cats in cat shows. I feel like the end of that last sentence was a little redundant, but I feel it was necessary to explain the show's full context. That was the only thing happy I could think of including at the end of this post to not end on such a downer of a paragraph. I've added a picture of my cat, Kit, who lives with my parents.

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