Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've decided I am not witty enough for the internet. I pride myself on being funny in day to day conversation, but really, I lack the wittiness for posting on the internet. I have a twitter account that I try to post in every day. I get to my page and just stare at the little box telling me that I only have 140 characters available to make an insightful post about what I am doing. I'll stare at the box for five minutes trying to think of something clever that will entertain everyone who stumbles upon me.

Maybe this why I only have 11 followers. Especially if you consider the fact that one of them is my fiance and the rest are either people I follow or people who want me to follow them, but probably don't read my pathetic excuses for tweets.

At first I was against any sort of social internet site. Once I got to college I decided to give Facebook a try. I found it a fun waste of time and a good way to get information on how to contact classmates for projects. Back then, it was nice because Facebook was only open to college students. Now that anyone can create a Facebook account I have avoided it like the plague. There is no way I will ever let my mom be able to Facebook/Myspace stalk me like she does my brother and various other family members. This is also why I never created a Myspace account.

When Twitter came into existence I thought it was really dumb. Why would anyone devote this much time to something so simple and mundane? Now I get it. Twitter is easy. I don't have to jump through hoops to post anything. I don't have to accept friend requests. And most importantly, I don't have to put up with those annoying requests to join stupid application. I can just write my non-witty post about how hungry I am or what stupid reality show I'm watching on tv. Plus, I can follow some of my favorite celebrities who are actually witty and get a laugh in the afternoon when I need it.

I surrender to you Twitter.

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