Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Some Stuff Happened...

It's been a year since I've written a blog post.  Technically over a year, but yeah, you get the idea.  A lot of things have gone down in that past year.

I moved...twice I think.  We moved from Little Rock to North Little Rock, and just two weeks ago we moved to California.  Like I said, a lot of stuff has happened.

I guess I should tell you how this all happened.

Last summer we were broke and needed to move and things were pretty dire.  Then around my birthday Henry got a real, adult job that actually paid well.  This was great and we were able to move into a nice house in a really good neighborhood.  I was happy with my work and things were generally pretty great.

In December Henry found out for sure that his company lost it's government contract due to new laws and stuff that I don't really understand.  In February, I got in a car accident (but I was totally fine, the car was not) and two days after that Henry found out the official end date for his job would be in August.  This was actually a good thing because our lease was up in August which made us flexible in location.

At the beginning of June, Henry's big job hunt began.  He started applying for positions he really wanted at the companies he really wanted to work for.  I began preparing myself for the very real fact that we were probably leaving the state.  This excited and terrified me at the same time.  For a few months I had no idea where I would be living, what I would be doing, or how we were going to survive it all.

In the end, he applied to I think over 30 jobs and only one of them was in the state.  The rest were spread out all over the country, but mainly along the west coast.  Then the waiting game began.  It was probably the worst part of this experience.  I couldn't plan anything long term, I was afraid to buy anything because we would just have to move it and we ate a lot of fast food because we didn't know when we would have to potentially move.

At the end of June, Henry got an email from a game company asking if he would like to do a phone interview.  That lead to two phone interviews and an in person interview at the beginning of July.  I can't say I was shocked, because I know Henry's awesome, but I was pretty dang happy about the whole thing.  His lack of emotion made mine go into over drive.

The weekend before my birthday we were driving up to Branson to go to Silver Dollar City (because it's awesome, don't theme park shame me) when the phone rang, we pulled into a parking lot for a natural food store in Harrison and Henry was formally offered a job with a video game company in San Francisco.  This made our trip all the more special because we finally knew what was going to happen to us next month and allowed us to revel in the weirdness that is the South because we were leaving it for an unfamiliar type of weird.  Side note: Yes, Henry took me to the Dixie Stampede for the first time.  It was awesome.  I will have to dedicate a post to that experience alone.

Now we were on a new path of packing or tossing all our belongings, getting married, and driving across the country with two cats.  So we did all those things.

The house getting boxed up
Getting Married
Driving across the country
Stay tuned for more detail about those exciting events.

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