Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Tough Being Awesome (But Not Awesome Enough)

I just got a call that I didn't get the Library Assistant job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  This totally blows.  The flip side is that the two wonderful women who interviewed me did say that I was, in fact, super awesome, but with 25 other applicants they just went with the one with the most experience in the end.  They did say that they do want me to work for them and that I should apply for the next opening because they were really impressed with my interview.

So, in one way I'm all sorts of bummed, but I'm also happy that they did actually like me.  Oh well.

Now my house is shaking from thunder and it's setting off other people's car alarms.  Today is not my day.  My cat George is looking at me like, "make it stop, please, just make it stop."  I'm sorry kitty.  Mommy has no control over the weather.

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