Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheese Dip

I think cheese dip is good. It's like crack. Om nom nom.

Itunes is playing Leggy Blonde from Flight of the Concords. This makes me happy. Also, my spell check does not like itunes. Nor does it agree with the feminine spelling of blonde. Now I've got the Ramones cover of Spiderman (thanks Bobby). Whenever I hear the Ramones I'm reminded of my seven year old self jumping on my bed and dancing to Shena is a Punk Rocker while wearing a pink and white striped dress with jeans. My mother did not approve of my fashion choice there. I'd like to believe I was just ahead of my time.

I am terrible at this blog thing. I'm more of a stream of consciousness writer. That's why I do better with twitter. I can type what ever I am thinking or doing at that moment. Although, I feel stifled because of the 140 character limit. It requires a balance of creativity and frankness to make a witty post. I think my writing style comes from the free writing time Mr. Thomas would give us in his pre-AP and AP English classes. I'm used to having ten minutes to write what I think once a week. I try to bring that same approach to this blog.

I played with a puppet today. Henry has one from when he was a kid. It's a bear who is named Mr. Bear. Henry and I were bored so I tried to entertain him with the puppet. I don't know if that was crazy or funny. Either way, it was kinda fun. Reminded me of when I was in drama class and we had to put on puppet shows for the elementary school, kindergarten, and preschool.

I am having music ADD. I'll listen to maybe two songs in a row (on shuffle) and then flip through five or six more before I find another one I want to listen to. And sometimes I just can't stand listening to the entire song.

Henry is already fretting about how he's going to react when he realizes his daughter has had sex with someone. I think this is funny because it's so far in advance to be thinking about that. I get why he would be thinking about it, but it's like being too prepared. Sometimes I'm afraid he'll be a little too prepared for those random teenager outbursts. When I think about it, I'd like to think that I wouldn't freak out about the sex thing that much. I don't know. I think it depends on the type of person the kid is. I'm not going to over think it.

Dork Alert: I'm listening to The Remus Lupins. Song: Maybe Tomorrow.

I'm going to go brush my teeth now.

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  1. I can't turn my brain off, shit like that just comes into my head, and I can't stop thinking about it. This tends to happen while I'm walking or driving.